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The Name Bérrio

Here you may have a meal with the freshest and highest quality fish from the Portuguese coast in a privileged place over the sea with a splendid view from Lisbon to Cascais. We offer an exquisite and charming room over the sea decorated with details from Portuguese discovery. Here you can taste the best fresh fish from the Portuguese coast and the best that the sea brings to us with the refinement and sophistication that our chef can offer. During the summer you may have entertainment all day long, enjoying activities on our terrace or you can just take a sunbathe in our natural solarium or if you prefer, take a rest at the beach, recognized by the best national orthopedists and dermatologists. Bérrio was the name of one of the ships from Vasco da Gama expedition that discovered the maritime route to India. It was named after being sold to King D. Manuel I, to be part of the fleet of India, by its owner, D. Manuel de Bérrio. Bérrio was the only Latin caravel of the fleet with triangular sails that allowed to sail against the wind. Robust and fast, 30 meters long, three masts and 50 tons. Bérrio departed from Lisbon on July 8th, 1497, along with the ships (with round sails) Saint Gabriel and Saint Raphael, as well as a rattle of groceries. Being the lightest and fastest of the fleet, it was the first vessel to return and reach the bay of Cascais on July 10th, 1499 under the command of Nicolau Coelho and having as pilot Pêro Escobar, who would later accompany the fleet of Pedro Álvares Cabral in his Voyage of discovery of Brazil in 1500. In memory of this historic feat and in honor of the Portuguese people and the municipality of Cascais, we gave the name Bérrio to our restaurant. We intend not only to feed the body of those who visit us, but also to feed the soul of Portuguese pride.

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Be Delighted

With our Gastronomy

Bérrio restaurant was born was born from a purposeful idea of enhancing the most important period in the history of Portugal – the Discoveries of the XVI and XVI centuries.
Cascais’ bay and Parede’s beach recorded a strong historical connection to one of the most famous travels in this golden period – the first commercial voyage to India.
In 1497 three ships left the Tagus river – St. Gabriel, St. Raphael and Bérrio and even a grocery carrack – St. Miguel; commanded by Vasco da Gama, in order to get the first call by sea of the west to India, in Asia.
After many difficulties they reached Calicut – India, nearly a year later (in 1498), establishing the first trade relations with the local king, in exchange for gold, silk, spices, among other products.
Due to the journey difficulties, the expedition lost two thirds of the crew and the ship St. Rafael of Paulo da Gama (burned). Thus, only returned two vessels: the St. Gabriel shipand and the Bérrio caravel.
After more than a year, in July 10th 1499, Bérrio caravel (commanded by Nicolau Coelho) was the most robust and faster one due to its lateen sails (triangular shape), allowing him to be the 1st one to reach Portugal, docking at Cascais’ coast to give the good news to the King.
In memory of this epic and historic achievement and in honor of the Portuguese people and Cascais’ municipality, we named our restaurant Bérrio.
The restaurant Bérrio, with the involvement of the Discoveries theme, aims to be a country gastronomic reference, highlighting the influences that different cultures have in Portuguese cuisine and in the world’s cuisine.The ultimate goal is not only feed visitors’ body, but also feed their soul and the Portuguese pride.


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The Terrace is a magnificent space with magnificent views of the sea and beach wall , where you can soak up and relax for a unique atmosphere. Enjoy fantastic offer that the bar gives you the background music sound , with tasty snacks, Ice Teas natural , natural juices , innovative ice cream shakes , Rusks super appetizing … Here you can still watch and participate in various recreational and cultural activities such as music, theater, games …


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You can also take advantage of the famous Solarium natural, lying on one of the loungers with towels and shadow . This is a large space with blessed location due to its medicinal properties . Iodine gives this beach therapeutic status due to their beneficial effects on bones . Particularly iodized waters are ideal for those seeking treatment. Well the way were located very close to two of Europe’s best orthopedic hospitals .

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